Bananas from Binh Phuoc farm in Vietnam are celebrated for their exceptional quality and flavor. Situated in the lush landscapes of Binh Phuoc province, this farm benefits from fertile soil and favorable climate conditions, ideal for cultivating premium bananas. Renowned for their sweetness and succulence, Binh Phuoc bananas are cherished both domestically and internationally. The farm adheres to stringent agricultural standards, employing sustainable practices to ensure the highest quality produce. From the moment they are carefully nurtured to the time they reach consumers' tables, Binh Phuoc bananas embody a commitment to excellence and a taste of Vietnam's finest agricultural traditions.

Nursery for banana seedlings

The banana seedling nursery plays a crucial role in ensuring a clean, safe, and high-quality banana supply on the market.

Visual quality check of finished bananas

Check the color - Touch the bananas - Inspect for injuries -Check the stem - Check the size - Smell the bananas

Transporting bananas from the farm to the processing plant

Using a hanging hook system to transport bananas

Washing and Cleaning​

Bananas may be washed and cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and any surface contaminants.


Bananas are graded based on various criteria such as size, color, ripeness, and overall appearance. This helps classify bananas into different quality categories, such as premium, standard, or utility grade.

Storage and Loading onto reefer container

After grading, bananas are packed into containers or bunches according to size and quality standards. Packaging may include labeling with information such as variety, origin, and grade. After that, the bananas are stored temporarily in cold storage rooms. Finally, the bananas will be loaded onto reefer containers for exporting.

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